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Recruit Now for Your Fall Marching Band Color Guard

It is never too late to recruit for your color guard program!

Many schools struggle finding color guard members for marching band season. Starting a color guard feeder program can help develop a comprehensive arts program for your entire school district. (more below after the break)

, February 21, 2017

Styleplus In-Stock Cosmatic Hybrid Flags are now In-Stock.

In-Stock. 36" x 56" This Styleplus In-Stock Cosmatic Hybrid Flag is a perfect combination of the Cosmatic Lame flag and the Digital Print flag. This Styleplus In-Stock Cosmatic Flag is designed to give the audience that unique look during performances that will make the field or stage shine. The Styleplus In-Stock Cosmatic Hybrid Flag comes in the size of 36 inches x 56 inches.

, August 11, 2016