It is never too late to recruit for your color guard program!

Many schools struggle finding color guard members for marching band season. Starting a color guard feeder program can help develop a comprehensive arts program for your entire school district. (more below after the break)


Color Guard Recruiting is Key

With many indoor color guard programs still competing during the current indoor season, it is hard to believe that summer recruiting is already starting with many high school marching bands. Many competitive programs take one week off after each fall marching band season and start planning for next year. Assembling music, staff, design and conceptual ideas and frameworks can take longer than a season to put together.

If you do not have an indoor color guard program, this could be the best time of the year to already plan for a winter color guard next year. Gym rentals, administrative permissions, financial needs, and parental and community support are all key to your success. Many times, when we have started these programs, it is easy to find leftover flags and equipment in the old high school guard closet to start for little or no money.

If you build a color guard program (e.g., 8th grade) in the grade prior to entering high school, and if it is well received, you may have the fortunate problem of starting another color guard (e.g., 6th/7th grade) that eventually feeds into that program. The upcoming Memorial Day Parade in your community is the perfect opportunity to feature your current and future color guard members. Due to the proximity to summer, the rehearsals and parade offer a great chance to help retain and recruit color guard member leading up to band camp.

Either way, having a viable guard program will help support your overall arts department. Many times, there are local ballet and dance instructors, former drum corps members, judges or parents who were in music at the high school and college level that just want to get involved in the activity again. 

Good luck recruiting and happy spinning!

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