DSI 36 inch Samurai Sabre-White Padded

DSI 36 inch Samurai Sabre-White Padded

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Product Description

The Directors Showcase 36 inch Samurai Sabre-White Padded was developed to look,feel and spin like our Directors Showcase Spanish style Excalibur Sabre.The Directors Showcase Samurai Sabre is an excellent choice for the experienced guard member and as a durable starter sabre for beginners.The Directors Showcase Samurai Sabres handle and blade are indestructible and will not break.All Samurai Sabre blades are interchangeable and have padded tips.Samurai sabre handles are available in white only.The sabres are available in three blade lengths 32 inch, 36 inch and 39 inch.The three Samurai sabres styles are also available in zinc coated silver,plain white and padded white.