For the past 30 years, we have had the privilege to work with many performing groups, members, directors, administrators, parents and patrons of the performing, military and visual arts. Here is a partial list of comments from our many customers:

"Just got off the phone with Drillcomp Inc., and found them to be exceptional at handling the order and very much appreciate their professional assistance." -Andrew S., Director of Music, Londonderry H.S.

"THANK YOU! It is nice to know companies care about their customers." - Tammy A.

"Wow! I am blown away by the incredible customer service by both you as a representative of Drillcomp and the shoe manufacturer. We have used a few different companies in the past for our shoe needs and even though we received the shoes as ordered, there was certainly never a thought that we were anything more than just another number...I always felt that my concerns and needs were attended to in a caring and professional way. Thank you very much for everything this marching season, and I hope to do business with you this upcoming winter guard season!" - Susan C., East Syracuse Minoa Marching Band.

"Drillcomp has really been so helpful. It's nice that real customer service isn't gone & that some people really do still care! -Kyleen R.

"Y'all are a very nice and easy company to work with. I will be sure to recommend Drillcomp to others." -Wyatt P.

"I appreciate the great customer service. A non automated Email response with research on a weekend was not expected. Thanks!" -N.H.

"...the Director's PA system died with no practical scenario of repair. So we needed a new system and we needed it quickly! We knew what we wanted but I learned quickly that there are dozens (hundreds?) of suppliers with significant price variances. Luckily I found Drillcomp! I explained my situation and level of urgency and they got to work. Drillcomp quickly priced out the two systems we wanted and when one of the bundles was not on their website, they actually modified their catalogue to include the bundle I was looking for! When I had questions, rather than just "make up" an answer (like some of the competition!) they went straight to the manufacturer. In doing so they discovered that I had forgotten a cable that was required to integrate the metronome into the system (kind of important!). Drillcomp was fast, had the best price I found, was EXTREMELY patient, and kept me informed throughout the entire process. I can honestly say that this was the smoothest purchase of any significant size that I have made for the band. I fully expect to be doing much more business with Drillcomp in the future." -Darrell H., McKinney, TX

A few of our customers: